Inside Life: Endangered Teens – RAPE

I was sleeping when i started hearing shouts of “don’t touch my breast! Don’t touch my breast!!” I thought it was a dream till I started hearing more shouts of “leave me I will my tell my mummy, don’t touch my breast” that was when I opened my eyes, I could recognise the voice, it was my neighbour’s 12year old daughter. I quickly juumped up from the floor i was sleeping, wearing only boxers I ran to the backyard as the shout increased.

As I reached the flat were the shout was coming from I could see 12year old Mirabel struggling to open the net door as a strong male hand kept pulling her back. She fell to the floor as I tried to pry the door open, that was when she saw me and started screaming my name for help, the man in his 30’s sighted me and released the little girl trying to compose himself and act like nothing was happening.

Mirabel opened the door and ran into my arms as she was shedding tears, two other neighbours had come out by this time to observe.

Apparently Mirabel’s mum had called the plumber to fix their sink, she left Mirabel at home to watch the plumber and took her last daughter to the market.

The plumber seeing he was alone with little Mirabel decided to let his raging hormones override his brain, trying to rape a 12year old girl.
Maybe jungle justice is good but we beat the shit out of the plumber, beat the life out of him.

Credit: Elias Alex Ifeanyichukwu

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