When to get married as a man

I believe the old man was right in his own wisdom as to when is the right time for a man to get married.

My late father of blessed memory once told me that if you must contemplate of getting married, make sure that you have enough to eat three times a day with left overs. if the status quo persists, you can think of getting another ‘mouth’ to feed with the constant left overs.

In his wisdom, he was of the opinion that if a man is unable to feed himself three times a day, how would he cope with another ‘mouth’ (wife) which will include others (Inlaws).

As harsh as that might sound, i believe it is logical. It actually made more sense when i got married and i have further improved on his opinion to include number of kids to have at any given financial strength. Gone are the days when children are just birthed all in the name of, “God who has given will make provision”.

Adequate planning is required to ensure that children birthed are well taken care of. It is time to make adequate plans before and during marriage so that we don’t have posterity grinning at our mess.

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