In its simplest form, the work of an Accountant is to keep records of financial transactions, analyse and present a report to show how much money or resources were received, how much was spent and how much remained at the end of a particular period. The most important thing is that the Account must be made available to various people who may need to use the information for one thing or another.
You may want to ask me what is the business of a “Man of God” to give account of his activities and what correlation that has with the financial mess the Country is at the moment.
Let me quickly x-ray a particular story of the Bible to explain my point. It’s the story of the 5 loaves + 2 fishes that Jesus used to feed over 5,000 people and they still got 12 extra baskets. You can study Book of Matthew Chapter 14 from verses 14 to 20 for confirmation of my reasoning. From that story I saw Jesus Christ, among other personalities, as a great Leader , a Statistician, a Visionary & Budget expert, a Human and Material Resources Manager, most importantly, a thorough Accountant/ Auditor and then a great Philanthropist Note that I didn’t mention a personality of a Miracle Worker as most of you know. That’s our problem as a very religious people. We always attribute everything to God and miracles instead of taking proper actions as the situations may require. Let us leave that point and focus on the other personalities for now… especially, Jesus Christ as a very thorough Accountant & Auditor.
In that story, our Grand Master was able to give accurate account of (1) The “Offering” collected which was 5 loaves + 2 fishes and from whom…the people. (2) How the “Offering” was carefully managed and used to feed 5,000 men excluding women and Children. (3) How 12 extra baskets of the “Offering” were saved and (4) How the remaining 12 baskets were given to the people from whom the initial Offerings were collected in the first instance. I assume the people took the 12 extra baskets to their homes to the old and others who couldn’t come to the Crusade ground.
Getting close to the point now. Our Master clearly laid that principle of ACCOUNTABILITY that cannot be seen in most “Men of God” today. To me, as long as those Religious leaders treat those “Offerings” in other ways asides the way our Grand Master treated it, financial corruption will continue to deal with us as a nation.
Now, see how the “Men of God” are at the forefront of the matter. Every Sunday, a Christian President or VP, Minister, Governor, Commissioner go to Church to worship. Every Friday, a Muslim President or VP, Minister DGs etc go to the Mosques to worship. At those Religious Centres, those Political Office holders have become “Members” who are temporarily “juniors” to the “Men of God” who are supposed to represent God at such meetings. It is expected that God should pass instructions to His people through His Pastors, Imam etc. For example, “Men of God” should preach to “Members” not to steal moneys and other resources that belong to the general public. They should also show proper Account of their Stewardship. It is expected that those “Members” should listen and obey “God”. They should leave the Churches and Mosques with a repentant heart to serve the masses that voted them to power.
But is that what we see at the Religious Centres? No. Instead “Men of God” asks us to “Pray for all men especially those in Authority” Can you see that? Pray for people mismanaging our resources and burdening our lives with crises? The only prayer that makes sense to me is to ask God for wisdom to vote inept leaders out of office at the next available opportunity.
This piece is not judge our “Men of God” but rather a call for them to be transparent the way our Lord and Master demonstrated. Whatever resources that come to them should be in trust for the welfare of the Members regardless who contributed what offering. When this happens, “Men of God” can easily and boldly admonish our Polital leaders to do the same. Judgement must start from the House of God ( 1 Peter 4 vs 17 referring to Ezekiel 9 vs 6). To turn our eyes to other side is to deceive ourselves and waste our time in prayers. We have prayed enough, it’s time for actions in the right direction. Enough of miracle seeking. Nigerians should do the right things.
That is my candid contribution towards finding a way out of our mess as a nation. I wish us best of luck.

Credit: Olatunde F. Omojola

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