Relationship matters: After all I suffered with him, he dumped me

Don’t just sit there and wait for someone with empty hands…

Your man tells you he is not planning on having kids or getting married anytime soon as he is still sorting out his life

He tells you he wants to have his second degree, a proper house and a bigger car first…. You sit there smiling with just a birth certificate thinking you’ll be the wife?

With the little he has, you ask for Brazilian hair and Mary K products..

He goes to work and goes straight to class after work… He leaves you in pyjamas and comes back to find you in the same pyjamas…

While he studies you watch all the Telemundo, Telenovelas, Africa Magic, Zee World, B4U, etc on Gotv, Dstv, etc.

He comes back home to find rice and chicken in the microwave everyday… The house is clean and his clothes ironed…

The only serious conversation you all have is about the type of groceries you guys need.

The only advice you give him is “babe you need to buy new socks, the ones you bought last time are torn” nothing intelligent comes out of your mouth… No plans of making your own life better… Yes you are pretty… No doubt about that…. So is every second girl passing by….

Do you realise something…
You are not doing anything a maid can’t do…. He’s going to finish school and the first thing he’s going to do is REPLACE HIS MAID cause he can now afford to pay one and have

That’s when we are going to hear your famous last words “I was with him through thick and thin when he had nothing, now that he is successful he thinks i am nothing”

Yes you’re right… You have always been NOTHING but a maid to him. . . Empower yourself to be the woman your man wants to be with…

A woman who would be able to carry the whole family if anything happens to his job or his health!!!

Ladies, invest more in empowering yourselves for a brighter future than on fancy clothes, expensive hair and make up……. Beauty fades but men can’t resist a woman with brains… Wake up and do something.!!!

Credit: Helen Pearl (FB)

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