The Flouridation Trial: Science 4, EPA 0

The Most Revolutionary Act

By Rick North, FluorideAlert.org

The fluoridation trial is going INCREDIBLY well. Our scientists are just knocking it out of the park. The score so far: Science 4, EPA….

Below are links to the written declarations of the four main scientists testifying, all now cleared for release to the public. These scientists’ credentials are extensive and impeccable, three having been funded by NIH and all having been funded or worked with EPA. Grandjean, for instance, conducted the study on the neurotoxicity of mercury that led to the EPA’s tightened regulations. Lanphear did the same for lead, which persuaded EPA to determine there is no safe level. Their main quotes, toward the beginning of each document under “Summary of Opinions,” are powerful. We have the overwhelming weight of scientific evidence on our side. Some examples:

Philippe Grandjean, MD, PhD The IQ losses associated with community water fluoridation are…

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