WORLD WAR ‘C’: These 5 Countries are the Real COVID-19 ‘Success Stories’


Source – jordanschachtel.substack.com

– “…Belarus strongman Alexander Lukashenko flatly rejected the idea that his country should lock down to “save” his nation from the coronavirus. Instead, Belarus kept society completely open (well, for an authoritarian state, at least), and became one of the few countries in the world to continue professional sports and other events that involved large gatherings. Lukashenko “suggested drinking vodka, going to saunas and driving tractors to fight the virus,” Reuters reported in April”

SM:…’Drinking vodka, going to saunas & driving tractors to fight the virus’ – finally some semblance of sense amongst the all the madness…

These 5 countries are the real COVID-19 ‘success stories’

And they’re not the ones the media is talking about

We are told by much of the institutional press and the global “public health expert” class that the countries that imposed the most restrictive lockdowns and the most widespread surveillance states…

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